Imac Spinning Pinwheel Problem

imac spinning pinwheelOut of the blue one day you are working on your beloved iMac designing the next great thing in Photoshop or being a social media master and then all of  a sudden a spinning pinwheel shows up and just stays and will not go away on your iMac. You think to yourself give it a second it will disappear and then the seconds turn to minutes and then it is finally gone. As days past it starts occurring longer and more often. This is a tell tale sign we have seen here at computer repairs long island that there is something wrong either software or more then likely hardware related. If your spinning pinwheel is being followed by the iMac freezing and moving so slow you can not even use the computer then more then likely your iMac hard drive is failing. Another sign the iMac hard drive is failing is when you restart the machine and it boots up with a folder with a question mark. Then definitely your hard drive is going. It may turn on after you let it rest for a couple of hours but the pinwheel of death will be back. This is why you always should time machine your computer once a week with a external hard drive for this exact type of problem. Now to replace the hard drive you would have to suction cup the screen off since it is held on by magnets and unscrew all the t8 screws. You can find multiple videos on the web on how to replace your iMac screen or if you feel you are not up to the challenge we here at computer repairs long island can replace your imac hard drive for a small fee. Give us a call if you need any help 516 250-2536.

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