Computer Repair Service In Long Island

Pc Repair In Long Island

Today computers are part of our society, which have become a routine and help us function in our daily lives.  They are used for all ages in both a professional and home setting, which is why it is most important that they function correctly. A malfunctioning system or a crashed computer is not only an inconvenience but in some cases it can  result in the loss of valuable data.
When you experience such unexpected system problems, Computer Repairs Long Island  trusted services could be the ideal solution for your needs. 
Our computer repairing and servicing covers:

  • Complete system and data recovery from BSOD: -   Losing access to your computer is a serious problem. With our team of experts we are able to recover damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage when it cannot be accessed normally.
  • The professional technicians at Computer Repairs Long Island have a practical understanding of how important recovering lost data for both the individual and professional. We use the latest desktop systems, hardware & software to restore your computer to its fully functional stage in a timely manner. Our onsite service is both efficient and cost effective.

Onsite service: - The easiest way of getting the onsite services from Computer Repairs Long Islandtakes just a phone call. Our experts provide fast and effective services with their on-hand experience in troubleshooting software, hardware, internet and networking problems. You can also benefit from our periodical preventive maintenance contracts for your complete home and corporate computer services that include:

    • Periodical hardware update
    • Operating system updating
    • Data backup and restoration services
    • Antivirus and firewall installations for your networked computers
    • Complete network hardware and software repair, maintenance and installation
    • Laptop updates
    • General computer and accessories cleaning and maintenance etc
    • Complete Mac repairing and servicing: - The complexity of Mac troubleshooting might have confused even your system administrator.   In such cases, our technicians taking care of Computer Repairs Long Island conduct a complete hardware and OS analysis of your system.  We are trained in knowing your computer needs  and give you the quickest possible solution at highly competitive prices
    • I-Pad repair and servicing: - I-pad is a miniature miracle that always accompanies you. You have loaded most of your critical applications and stored confidential files in that.  Error fixing could be time saving if the exact source of the problem is diagnosed rightly. The services of Computer repairs Long Islandare backed by sate of the art technology and tools to bring your I-pad back into action.
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Desktop Pc Repair

We can fix any desktop PC Issue you may be having. We fix all brands, like Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, & Gateway. If your computer will not turn on or just need windows reinstalled give us a call. We can help you with any computer problem you have for a fair price.Give us a call today (516) 250-2536.

Virus Removal

If Your computer will not turn on or seems to be running very slow. More then likely you have a virus and it needs to be removed. We at Computer Repairs Long Island can remove any virus off any brand of computer. Give us a call so we can come and look at your computer problem. Give us a call today (516) 250-2536.

Network Setup & Repair

Do you have multiple computers in your home and want to share your pictures, music and videos across all of them. Then you have come to the right place because Computer Repairs Long Island can network all your Pcs In your home for a completive price then any one can afford. Give us a call today (516) 250-2536.

On Site Computer Repair

At Computer Repairs Long Island we have no problem coming to your home and fixing any computer problem you may have. We know in your busy schedule you can’t make time to run down to your local computer shop for computer service. So we make it easy for you give us a call give us your address and we do the rest. So set back and relax in the comfort of your own home while Computer Repairs Long Island fixes any of your computer problems. Give us a call today (516) 250-2536.

  • Computer Services

    • Virus Removal
    • Hardware Upgrade
    • Network Setup
    • On Site Service
    • Custom Built Computers
    • Windows Installation