Mac & Apple Repair Service In Long Island

Complete Apple & Mac Care Services

There was a time when Mac users thought they were resistant to the system problems normally faced by the PC users. As a Mac user you have experienced many of the benefits like the compact design, the enhanced speed over PCs, the flexibility of choosing the OS based on your need etc. but, on the negative side, you might have come across many frequent problems such as:

  • LCD screen problems
  • Motherboard issues
  • Power-supply problems
  • A crashed OS
  • Memory blocks
  • Hardware and software Update issues
  • Unsuspected yet powerful virus attacks that are on the rise
  • Malfunctioning network and internet and many more

Apple Repair Services

The internal hardware architecture of the motherboard and CPU makes the repairing even tougher. Computer Repairs Long Islandprovides our services that take care of your Mac and getting it back in working order no matter the complexity of the problem. The Apple repair services on Long Island cover all the Mac models ranging from the G3-PowerMac to the most advanced Mac-Books. If your systems are based on Mac client server model and your branch offices are connected by VPN, you will find the exact solution to all your network and server issues. Our dependable services are backed by a trusted customer care service that works round the clock.  
The major advantages of using Cimputer Repairs Long Island for your Mac repair are:

  • You get instant response and your complaint is allocated a unique ID
  • Technician visit is organized within the quickest practically possible time
  • You get a realistic and cost effective quote for the repairs and an accurate estimation of the replacements and any hardware/software update
  • Our technicians will try their level best to repair your systems on-site. Otherwise, the systems are taken to the high-tech Apple repair technicians in Long Island and fixed and reinstalled on-site. You could refer to many of the online websites and social network and logs to understand our service architecture and terms & conditions related to service related warranties
  • You can opt for a complete maintenance contract by our Mac repair Long Island technicians services that cover all your systems and network
  • Your systems are ever-shielded from the onslaught of new generation viruses targeting Mac users.
  • You are assured of trusted services that can regenerate your Mac systems.  
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Mac VirusRemoval

We can fix any virus or other malware problem with your mac laptop or desktop computer.

  • Remove Virus
  • Fix slow MAC Pc
  • Latest Virus Protection

Mac ScreenRepair

We can fix any cracked screen on any model macbook.

  • Macbook Pro Screen Repair
  • Macbook Air Screen Repair
  • Macbook Screen Repair

Mac HardwareUpgrade

If you need to upgrade your Mac Laptop or Desktop hardware we got you covered.

  • Ram Upgrade
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Replace Any Hardware

Mac Os Upgrade

We can upgrade the os on your mac desktop or laptop.

  • Upgrade Your Mac Os
  • Desktop Or Laptop
  • 24/7 Live Support